Big Os Jack Daniels Black

August 20, 2001 - February 6, 2011
Bred by Carol McCaffrey and Rob Thomas of Patriot Danes, Jake was our introduction to the conformation ring.  His willingness to learn and his spirit in the ring were contagious.  More importantly, he was our chief puppy mentor, official greeter to everyone who entered our home, and the first dog to ever share our bed...  His passing has left a huge hole in our home and our hearts.  Thank you to Carol and Rob for sharing this boy with us.

Ch. Braewynd Southern Comfort v LG

August 20, 2003 - February 20, 2012
Bred by Tony Gerigitan and Phil Pullen of Braewynd Great Danes, SoCo was a true showman and our first champion.  More importantly, he was his momma's "best brown boy" and my constant companion.  He left us with many wonderful memories and his legacy lives on through the accomplishments of his beautiful sons and daughters. Peeps, we'll always remember you.

12/6/2008 - 8/29/12
Our beautiful sweet boy taken from us too soon.  Despite a necropsy, no definitive cause of death was ever found.  He simply went to sleep and never woke up.  He lived up to his name in every sense - the first picture is of him winning select dog as an 18 month old at the Great Dane Club of Lehigh Valley show and the second picture is of Trip sharing the couch with a very annoyed Addie.  He was a once in a lifetime boy, sweet, loving, and full of life.  He was truly the best gift we ever received from his daddy, SoCo.  Rest in peace, wee boy, till we meet again.

SoCo x Tru